Jaffa Jonut review

Today, I went into Sainsbury’s for my Thursday Meal Deal treat. A wrap, Fanta and snack for £3.50. It’s not as if I think wraps are the greatest thing in the world, but they’re usually the most expensive item covered by the meal deal so it feels like good value even though it isn’t really. The £3.50 “deal” is just an upsell.

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Goodbye, Netcup

Originally, javacakegames.com was hosted… well, I don’t remember exactly where it was hosted, but I’ve been through a few hosts in my time.

I started with HostMonster, which seemed a bit expensive and limiting for what it was.

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Goodbye, Twitter

There have been some rumblings about Twitter as of late. From sacking half the staff based on lines of code written, making the remaining lot work 84-hour shifts, to enabling anyone to become verified for $8/month whilst promising free speech and posting right-wing conspiracy theories, Elon Musk has made the biggest splash in his first week at Twitter that possibly any company has ever seen.

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Sinking City Saviour: References and Easter Eggs

This post contains artistic nudity.

I like to have references and Easter eggs in my games, but I’m pretty sure much of it goes unnoticed. So let’s just write about it. I plan to revisit the older games one day to write about them, but who knows when that’ll be.

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