A terrifying jam

After a year’s hiatus, I finally have a new libGDX jam submission! Aaaaand it’s bad. Very bad.

As theme theme was “A Terrifying (K)Night” I had a knight escaping a dungeon at night. And, uh, as for terrifying, there’s a bit of blood because the knight has no legs, and I found this Pixabay user who has a ton of weird 3D character renders and just used one of them.

The victory YouTube video of Walk the Dinosaur is something to do with this jam’s Easter egg being “ferocious dinosaur”. Dunno, I’m grasping at straws here.

I wanted to have some sort of interesting mechanic with rope/knots and I don’t know why. So the knight would use his rope as a lasso of sorts to pull in enemies or vases from far away, potentially over a pit of doom! Also for swinging from chandeliers. His sword would slash through roped-off doorways.

Not exactly an amazing comeback, seeing as the majority of the game was never developed, but I’m happy with it being by some loose definition of the word functional.

Originally the game was called “Knight Knots”. I think it still is in some places I didn’t bother changing such as the embedded page’s title.