Nokia CONTACT SERVICE unreliability

It is commonly said that the Nokia 3310 is indestructible. By extension, we can assume this applies to other Nokias that use the same form factor. But I can proclaim that at least its close relative the 3330 isn’t reliable at all, at least after all these years. I’ve had two of them fail with the message “CONTACT SERVICE”.

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Glad I got out when I did

This is a follow-up to Goodbye, Twitter. When I used that website, I generally kept things short. You had to, with only 140 characters, later upped to 280. Even though you could chain multiple tweets together, it wasn’t ideal. Now it’s 4000 for Twitter Blue subscribers.

So let’s return to those days by keeping this post short. I just want to say: I’m glad I got out when I did.

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There’s been another Game Breaker’s Toolkit Jam! And it gave me the push I needed to revive some of my earlier internet silliness and let it see the 2020s. If you can’t be bothered reading the rest, it is at, not .com.

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