Dall-E Mega

Last year, I used Dall-E Mini to generate some nonsensical images from the titles of my itch.io pages. I decided to repeat the process, this time using Bing’s Image Creator, which is built on Dall-E.

A collection of AI-generated images by the Bing Image Creator

The results speak for themselves. It’s a mixed bag. I like the abstract nature of the Gravity Plane one. Slimy Machines also manages to be quite surreal. Some of them suffer from Dall-E’s desire to add meaningless text into its images.

Bad Ballsy Benchmark couldn’t be generated at all — I guess their systems are overcautious and rejected that in case it was an attempt to generate testicles (even though “ballsy” is a completely unrelated term).

1 Button manages to be actually useful, as it’s trivial to remove the background from — then you could use it as an asset in a game, for example. Though Bing applies quite heavy JPEG compression to its outputs, so there is that to deal with. If you want to examine it in its original form, here it is. I ran it through the MozJPEG jpegtran, but that’s a lossless process.

Here’s last year’s results for reference:

In last year’s post, I also had “coffee spilling out of a jaffa cake”, but somehow Image Creator doesn’t seem to know what a jaffa cake is, so those results aren’t even worth including here. Long live Dall-E Mini for some things, I suppose! Apart from the fact I’d long ago moved on from it in favour of Stable Diffusion instead.

An objective downside to Bing’s Image Creator is it watermarks the outputs. I’m unsure if the watermarks are here to stay or if that’s just while it’s in preview and/or for non-paying customers. At least it’s small enough that you can easily edit it out with tools such as the Resynthezier (Heal Selection) GIMP plugin (which sadly isn’t as easy to get running as it used to be) if you so wanted to, without having to resort to cropping.