Sorting GBTK once and for all

That’s right, I have released an unfathomably tedious game in which you sort about 300 bad games by which GBTK jam(s) they were entered into.

GBTK being the Game Breaker’s Toolkit, a parody of the high-quality Game Maker’s Toolkit jam.

Is it insulting to call them bad? Maybe. But that’s what I choose to believe the 🅱️ in “GBTK” stands for as, and I quote, the jam “is focused on bad design, horrible mechanics, dumb ideas.”

I learnt a few things this jam, such as how to lose days of my life. More importantly, gdx-video, the thing for playing videos in libGDX, is now in a state where it actually mostly works for desktop distribution, which is very exciting news. That’s how I got the few animated game covers to animate, without having to resort to the inefficiencies of GIF or even APNG.

So far, no-one seems to be downloading it. A very sensible move indeed. Play it now! During the rating period, it can also be rated within the context of the jam by anyone with an account.

I also submitted this very poorly thought-out Prototype Board Game I had lying around in an old repository. It isn’t really worth checking out, but it might give a low-effort appreciator a chuckle.

P.S. I know there’s been a bit of a hiatus since the last post on this website. Things just aren’t moving along quite like they used to. I have some stuff on the back burner but nothing particularly exciting on the horizon.

Due to the impending burnout from developing this game (there’s still more changes to make to it, for web builds etc.) and other commitments, it’s most likely another libGDX jam (scheduled for 17 March) will pass me by.