Clarifying the Java Cake Games lore

I had a rude awakening the other day: it turns out the general public is completely clueless as to where JamesGDX ends and Java Cake Games begins. So let’s keep this short and simple and clarify it.

JamesGDX is a company that specialises in hiring Jameses to work with libGDX. We’ve had Jims and Jasmines hurl abuse at the recruiter, calling the company policy extremely exclusionary, but that’s just how it goes.

There are always 50 Jameses working here, identified by the 50 United States, having the whip cracked at them. No more, no less. 20 minutes late and your position is marked as vacant. Another 20, the vacancy has been filled. Sick days, never heard of them.

The tyrannical overlord is Java Cake Games, JamesGDX’s parent company. JamesGDX, GeoffGDX, Brodot, Sister32… these are only some of its many subsidiaries. Its immense power and control prevents any unions from forming.

It would be easy to argue that it makes no sense for a lowly JamesGDX peasant such as myself to be writing blogposts on the Java Cake Games website, but a lot of people lose fingers around here so there’s only so many who could log in if they tried.