Floating Rotation Button

And the first thing I upload to the Play Store under this name isn’t even a game. Anyway, if you’re annoyed by rotation button shenanigans in the new Androids and are rooted, you can check out me app. Yeah, it appeals to next to no-one.

This post was originally on Twitter.

2022-11-07 update

I was just looking at this the other day and was surprised to see it has 50+ downloads. Still no reviews, though. I hope it’s been of some use, but more than likely it wasn’t what these downloaders were looking for.

I should consider updating it, but I’m not sure how the latest Android versions handle rotation. I made this for Android 11 after experiencing the floating rotation button of doom on my Samsung Galaxy S5, and it will not be receiving Android 12 through official LineageOS builds.

There are unofficial Android 12 / LineageOS 19 builds available, but it hardly feels worth trying out. The device struggles enough under Android 11 as it is.

I did have plans to develop the app a bit further, namely allow for the rotation button to be toggled via a widget on the user’s home screen, but most people probably either want the button enabled or disabled rather than toggling it all the time.