oh no i’m stuck ._.

The theme for the 6th Game Breakers Toolkit jam was oh no i’m stuck ._. and, oh boy, have people been delivering. Ratings are currently open for the following games, should you wish to ruin the results.

I submitted this aptly-titled monstrosity, where a very loud low-resolution dude is stuck. Yeah, 10/10 for creativity there.

I also created some assets for this game by raeleus, along with many others. It’s a much longer experience, that’s for sure.

2021-07-20 update

Aaand the results are in! Actually, they were in a while back, but tweeting is a hassle. There were 41 entries, so bear that in mind for the following tweets. I would mention this fact in the tweets themselves, but they’re each limited to 280 characters and I can’t help but type.

I’m pleased to announce that my “oh no I’m stuck” entry ranked first place for not just one, but two categories! Apparently it is the ultimate uncanny valley and ear destruction game. I think my bugs weren’t obvious enough for the judges. I’ll claim my prize now, @AdrienDittrick.

Results: Uncanny Valley: Rank 1; Score 4.167 Ear destruction: Rank 1; Score 4.5000 Overall: Rank 12; Score 3.024 Microtransactions: Rank 13; Score 1.500 Frustration: Rank 15; Score 3.500 Confusion: Rank 18; Score 3.500 Unfairness: Rank 27; Score 2.500 Bugs: Rank 32; Score 1.500 Ranked from 6 ratings. Rating distribution: 5 star: 21.4% 4 star: 19% 3 star: 23.8% 2 star: 11.9% 1 star: 23.8%

But in the grand scheme of things, Murderzone 3 did better, coming in at #6 overall. And this is completely deserved, as it was the higher-effort game. Though sometimes I feel less is more, especially when it comes to making an intentionally bad game for GBTK. Still a 10/10.

Results: Microtransactions: Rank 3; Score 3.462 Frustration: Rank 4; Score 4.308 Uncanny Valley: Rank 6; Score 3.385 Overall: Rank 6; Score 3.396 Bugs: Rank 7; Rank 2.692 Unfairness: Rank 14; Score 3.308 Ear destruction: Rank 19; Score 3.231 Confusion: Rank 21; Score 3.385 Ranked from 13 ratings.

This post was originally on Twitter.

Adrien: as a prize, you get the gemdev role!