Miscellaneous Tweets

Here are some of my old tweets that aren’t substantial enough to each get their own page on this blog.


What does Brexit mean for video games? Not sure, but nothing good. Mastercard fees for EU purchases from the UK will increase fivefold, so that’s a start. Obviously also affects other purchases, such as buying anything from Amazon UK, thanks to Amazon camping out in Luxembourg.


Received 20 “recommended for you” notifications since I last logged onto this account. Don’t think you can outright disable them. Ridiculous. Looks like I’ve gotta keep hitting “see less often” until they go away for good.


Where has the week gone?


I was doing a monthly livestream of games, but today I’ve removed all traces of that. It just isn’t something I particularly feel like doing or the direction I want this “brand” to go in.


Jaffa Jonuts had better not become the next hot thing. I’d have to change my name! Though maybe I couldn’t – “jaffa cake” isn’t under any sort of copyright, but “jaffa jonut” might be.



Have you ever wondered what “Java Cake” means? I was hoping the logo would give it away, but I’m no artist. It sounds a bit like “Jaffa Cake” (which isn’t trademarked!) but the cake is full of coffee, making it a Java Cake.


The Java Cake Games website stuff is now on a brand new server! Well, it’s actually the same server, but the entire OS has been reinstalled to ensure only the latest, greatest and most secure software is installed. If there’s any issues with it, let me know.